DIY Farmhouse Sign

I feel like board signs are cliche farmhouse attractions and I’ll not pretend I’m above them. I too find them so appealing. What is it about the clean type letters stamped onto a rustic wood sign translating meaningful passages that makes our shiplap and subway tile loving hearts skip a beat?

Maybe it’s because they are simple and yet profound.

The Bible verse I chose for my sign has been foundational in the Mister’s life since he was young and has brought significance to our lives together. It’s our life motto in a way so I wanted to have it printed on a sign in our home.

After looking into buying one and realizing they are outrageously expensive, I made up my mind to make one.

Honestly, this was way easier than you think and it came out great if I do say so myself!


  1. 1/4″ Plywood cut to preferred shape and size. Mine was 36″X15″. I bought and had the wood cut at Home Depot.
  2. Vinyl scrapbook stickers. I got mine at Target. I looked at Michaels too and while they had many more options, the size and font that I liked best was at Target.
  3. A chip brush or bristle paint brush.
  4. A darker undercoat paint. I used Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint.
  5. A lighter finish coat paint. I used Magnolia Home Shiplap
  6. Sandpaper
  7. A frame of your choice

Here are the steps:

First step:

Decide on either buying or making a frame. The frame I had I found in a dumpster. Literally I will go dumpster diving for treasures. No shame. My boys already laugh at me. Wait until they’re teenagers.

There are some great tutorials on Pinterest for making frames from scrap wood or buying craft wood from Michaels.


Decide on the size wood board you need. I got 1/4″ plywood at Home Depot and had them cut the piece to the exact specification I needed. There is a guy (who I like to think is my new best friend) hanging out in the back of the store and if you ask they will cut any of the wood pieces (before you pay!) for FREE.

Once I got my board home and naptime was in session, I painted the board with a coat of Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint that I had on hand. You will want to use a darker color because this will be the lettering layer that will come through the final coat of paint.

I did two coats just to be sure it was a nice pallet to start with. Make sure the paint is completely dry before applying the stickers.

Next you need to layout what you’re board will read and where you want your letters. This part took the longest time. It probably took me longer than it needed to, but I wanted to make sure the spacing was even. Usually I eye-ball things and mostly I’m pretty accurate, but if this was off I knew it would drive me nuts to look at it. I divided the board into fourths and made a very light pencil line where I wanted my sentences to follow so they would be straight. I neglected to get a picture of this step, but basically I just took a ruler and measured 3 3/4″ from the top of the board for where the first line would go, another 3 3/4″ to the second line and the same spacing for the third line. Then I used the ruler to follow the straight lines across the board.

I cut out every letter and used them to layout the wording. It was a big waist of time. This is where I should have just gone with the old trusty eye-ball method. I did end up doing that eventually and it was much less fuss. They are stickers after all so you can move them as need be. It’s not difficult if you use the vinyl scrapbook stickers.

When the wording and spacing is arranged the way you like then it’s time to paint again. Use the same darker color as the base coat to cover the letters. This step is crucial to making sure the letters come out with nice clean lines. Using the same color and going over the stickers seals them and makes it so the paint doesn’t bleed through. Let the paint dry completely before the next step.

This time go over the letters with a lighter color. I used Magnolia Home’s new line of chalk paint “Shiplap”. Does Joanna Gaines do anything wrong? No. The answer is no. Except maybe that it’s a bit pricy, but again, I had it on hand from another project so that was helpful. I did 3 (ish) coats of the lighter paint over the letters to make sure the contrast would be enough. I liked the way the grey showed through around the edges though so I gave it some sparsely covered areas for effect.

I even let the kids help!

The hardest part is waiting for the project to dry enough to pull the stickers off. I waited just long enough that the stickers were still slightly damp from the paint, but the rest was mostly dry. Maybe an hour.

I used a safety pin to pull the sticker corners and pry them off. It took lots of patience because some of the stickers came of in several pieces but the lines were nice and clean!

Lastly I lightly sanded the board to give it a slightly more distressed appearance and added it to the frame I already had. I secured the board to the frame using tiny screws, but again you could use would glue for this step I’m sure.


Now you too can make meaningful wall art that doesn’t break the bank, but looks amazing.

Let me know if you do one and how it comes out!

Looking back on the year

Well hello there, blog world. I’m just checking in here to get you caught up quickly before I get back to laundry and babies and life.

So much has happened since I last got on here. Let’s see, we moved back to Massachusetts from LA. I think I told you that. Believe it or not, it’s been almost a year since we made that move from sunny California back to snowy New England. If that transition wasn’t hard enough, we chose November to move back sooo that was easy. not. I never thought that bundling children up to go outside would determine one’s decision to leave the house. Therefore, I chose not to. Except for the occasional needed grocery run or the two mornings a week when my son had preschool, I didn’t venture out in the freezing cold. There were the few times I thought it would be fun to go sledding in our yard with the kids so we would do the mass undertaking of bundling the two boys (and their pregnant mama) up from head to toe so that only breathing holes remained in their coverings only to get out for five minutes before they were freezing, screaming and close to frost bite. We would then retrace our footprints to the door where we would (all of us) literally melt in a heap of slush and winter wardrobe on the kitchen floor. The only redeeming aspect of the whole ordeal was hot chocolate. We drank hot chocolate every time we went out and came back in as though we just survived the arctic and deserved an award for our great achievement.

Our two California native boys took the winter as a harsh awakening from their Venice Beach lives. I just hope they won’t resent me later in life.

Our first winter back to New England was a hard one. Paired with the weather, our oldest son got pneumonia two times, I was pregnant and sick most of the winter, and that spring (when we could finally venture outside), our second son got lyme disease and had to be on antibiotics for a month. Soooo good times.

Neti Pots apparently aren’t for tea. I didn’t even know what one was until this past winter. Little did I expect it would become my second nightly ritual, after brushing my teeth.

Even though I look back on that season as one of the most exhausting, there was so much beauty through it as well. That home we were living in, while only temporary, was a place of laughter, cuddling sick littles, reading books, doing crafts, fort building, and patience growing. I also gave birth to my sweet daughter in that home. A story I will save for another time. That home allowed us to grow, deepen our relationships with family, spend our first Christmas morning together on our own, and rely on Christ more deeply for our happiness. It was a place of beauty. I will always be grateful for that house and that time.


On the Farm – December 2016



The Main Local Thoroughfare


Building Our Dream Home

For many years we have rented houses (we’ve lived in ten houses in the past eight years) and tried out other people’s home designs while making a list of the things that would be most important to us in our forever home. We are finally putting that list and all of our home dreaming to good use. I mentioned in my last post that we bought a farm. We are now living in the existing farmhouse while we build our dream home on the property. I’ve needed to pinch myself several times already throughout this process to believe it’s actually happening.

We own eleven acres of farmland and have set aside a corner of that to carve out our vision of a home that will host family, ministry, memories and our dreams for the future. It’s a big undertaking and we recognize how blessed we are to be given this opportunity. It is our prayer that this home will be used greatly and purposely for generations to come.

One of the houses that gave us inspiration was our home while we lived in Denver. It had a big open living room with french doors to the outside patio and killer views of the Rockies. While the Rockies are hard to translate here in Massachusetts. Our farm is a lovely landscape that we want to enjoy and make part of our design.

So where does one begin when designing a home?

When we started this process the Mister and I made a list of things that were important to us in our home design. What we found was that we wanted a space that would accommodate our large extended family and our immediate growing one. We don’t want it to be too big that it lost the cozy factor and I would rather spend more time playing and reading with my children than cleaning.

Our vision is that the house would feel fresh and open. I love simple, casual and warm homes and want our home to be a place that is cozy and conducive to our lifestyle (sticky fingers, art projects and floor wrestling), but also charming and inspiring. Think bright- lots of windows, subway tile, white walls, wood beams and pops of color. Oh and lots of Fiddle Fig Leaf plants. I’m obsessed with those. I’m thinking it will be classic, but a bit country and still modern and young.

The following pictures are my “design inspiration” photos. These are the photos that I’ve been collecting for a while and the ideas I would love to base our home on. Enjoy!


Photo Source: Shaylee Webb





Photo Source: Home Bunch



It’s an exciting endeavor and one I’ll be happy to share with you about as we move along in the building process.
Stay tuned for pictures of the land clearing and foundation pouring. Yes! The project has already begun!

Sources: Shaylee Webb, Home Bunch, Vintage South Development, STUDIO MCGEE,

Holy cow we bought a farm



“Hello cow” I say as I drive in the driveway and see the beast casually swaying his jaw and staring at me literally feet from my back porch. We are not in LA anymore. We left over a month ago and have been living in Massachusetts on a farm about thirty miles from Boston. This stark contrast from Venice Beach hit me more now than ever as I placed the car in park and rested my chin on the steering wheel. “What do I do now?” The cow had obviously been enjoying his freedom after escaping through a hole in the fence and now roamed our yard like a boss. I excitedly called the Mister who calmly advised me to “get him back in the fence.” I hung up the phone, told the boys I’d be right back, and channeling my inner Laura Ingalls Wilder I approached the cow with rugged determination. After a little coaxing and I’m sure a hilarious display of flailing arms the cow returned to the fields. I’m pretty certain the cow knew the routine and was very cooperative, but I felt victorious none the less. I proudly went back to the car where the two boys who had been thoroughly amused watched the whole show from their car seats and now flooded me with questions as I opened the door. “Do it again mommy!” “Can I chase the cow?!” “What did you tell him?” Bless. Their mama is a cowgirl. I love how easily I can impress them right now. Do any other mama’s appreciate that their kids think the world of them in these early years? I love that in my son’s eyes I’m so good at throwing a football and playing sports. Like really I’m pretty much Tom Brady. I dread the day he realizes how terrible my spiral is.

Safe to say we are not in LA anymore. We bought a farm. We are settling down and we are living with cows.

Goodbye City of Angels

cama0020We have cherished our time here in California. As we say goodbye we realize how fast the time has gone. When we came here four years ago it was just the two of us and now the five of us include two California boys. Although we take them out of the sunshine we hope they will continue to carry California sunshine in their hearts and in their memories.

We have been blessed to live one mile from the beach, off the Pacific Coast Highway in the trendiest neighborhood in the country (oh you Brooklynites, calm down), one quarter of a mile from the busiest Whole Foods in the state, across the street from the local golf course where Harrison Ford crashed his airplane, on the same street as Viggo Mortensen, in the house that Carson Daly grew up in.

It’s been LA LA Land in all its glory. I feel I have known the true Hollywood and seen it’s unveiled face as it’s perceived allure faded away. Anything is possible here, yet everything is fabricated to look more glamorous than it is. Remember the New Years Eve I spent on December 10th, partying the night away at 10am in a studio?

Some things that will never lose their golden gleam are the glistening Malibu coast, trendy restaurants, coffee shops, surfers, beautiful people, tiny dogs, blow dry bars, boba tea, palm trees and tans. Goodbye Cali! This New England girl is peacing out on the city of Angels and headed back to cold Atlantic waters and clam chowda.

We are growing and going (east)!

cama9817We have a couple of announcements! Our family is growing again! AND we are moving back to Massachusetts!

Thank you to Apple Rose Photography once again for documenting our announcement and these wonderful memories of our LAST days in Los Angeles before we head east.





Venice Beach has been our backyard for the past few years. Closing this chapter is bittersweet. Living so close to the beach has been such a blessing. Most days we either walked, rode, or drove to the beach for sunsets, picnics, coffee and scones, playgrounds, or just to enjoy feeling the Pacific breeze on our faces. Undoubtably we will be finding sand in our shoes and car seats for a while. The memories will be with us forever.



Hot mess

I parked the car and began the disembarking process. Unloading the kids, the stroller, bags for each boy, snacks, purse, water bottle… I wasn’t completely a hot mess. I had put mascara on and piled my hair into a messy top knot. I looked “mom cute.” I was just giving myself points for this and for making it on time when I remembered it was potluck day at moms group and I forgot to bring a dish. Frustrated, I told myself I wouldn’t eat so that I would not feel guilty for my lack of contribution. Then I had this thought, “the old me would have brought a gourmet meal to share.”


The old me…

Have you ever thought that? That the old me would have done this better or could have gone and done this or that? As I thought about it more in depth the more frustrated I felt that I used to be great at orchestrating a room or group gathering. The old me would have dressed precisely, brought a steaming basket of freshly baked goods that rose overnight and took sever hours to shape and bake. I would have elegantly maneuvered the room to talk to as many people as possible and would have left feeling specially regarded and admired. I felt like the old me had a grasp. I had control over the input that formed what others thought of me and perceived.
Now I feel like I have little control over those things. Most of the time my identity is built upon what my children reflect of me. God knows that’s not always pretty. I can’t help what I look like to the world. It’s no longer just me, it’s us.IMG_1835
This thought that the old me had died somewhere along with my reputation for bringing delicious baked goods was dragging me down. I entered the group frustrated and feeling defeated. 
Sometime later after talking with a good friend I realized this world doesn’t need more seemingly perfect people. It needs more real people. More people who are not afraid to share their messy lives and their need for Jesus in them. Maybe the friends we make or keep in this time are the best kind of friends to have because they are the ones who see your transparency, your messy house and your raw, unveiled self. They are the ones who love you and pray for you and who are doing life with you.
“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh.
“There there,” said Piglet. “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.
-A.A. Milne
We need more friends like Piglet. That’s all.

Cool and meaningful art prints


Dresser painted in Annie Sloan Olive chalk paint. Maternity photo by: Rebecca Love Photography Nantucket, MA. Artwork print by Lindsay Letters.

I am loving this print that I ordered from Lindsay Sherbondy at Lindsay Letters. She has some really wonderful art prints with sayings, verses and quotes to live by in Calligraphy type lettering. I love them all and want them all. This one is sitting atop my newly painted dresser (a roadside find) that I have in my living room. It’s a great reminder to me that Children are like arrows and we as warrior parents have the responsibility of sharpening and aiming them toward the direction of success.

Children are a heritage from the Lord, they are a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are the children born in my youth.

Psalm 127:3-4

Look at all these fun and wonderful prints Lindsay has in stock! A great gift idea! 😉

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.13.51 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.14.23 PM

Number two is ONE!

We recently celebrated our sweet boy on his first birthday. With the help of Apple Rose Photography we were able to document the simple garden party that we threw in our backyard to mark this special occasion.



I have officially loved this boy for three hundred sixty-five days (excluding the time I carried him in my belly).


It’s amazing how fast the time goes by. I can’t believe we have a one and a two-year-old!

We are in the thick of it. Most days I feel I can hardly manage the two and can’t imagine how some moms do it with more children, but I’m so thankful I can say I am not alone in caring for them. I have help from their amazing fathers. Yes. You heard it right. There are two dads. There’s the man I love more than any other- the baby daddy (handsome devil pictured). Not pictured is the boys heavenly father who cares more for them than I can know, which is hard to imagine (Matthew 6:26). So they are in good hands.


This season includes sticky highchairs and fingers, ants, baseball in the evenings, basketball all day, tennis somedays, football on occassion, random tackling, tickling, and bickering. Lots of kisses, the afore mentioned messes, jumping from high places, more baseball, skinned knees, half eaten cheese sticks, and completely full hearts. Our life is truly a beautiful mess and it’s wonderful beyond words.


Here’s to many more celebrations and many more cake faces!


Happy birthday sweet boy! We love you so.


A special thank you to our friend Sarah from Apple Rose Photography for her incredible talent in capturing this special occasion.